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The Pilates and Yoga Room

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Yoga at the Yoga & Pilates Room

All of our Yoga classes are taught by highly skilled instructors with hundreds to thousands of hours of formal training, and thousands of hours of experience, which means that your experience in our classes is unlike any other gym or studio. We have created an environment within our studio that encourages focus and relaxation while providing supportive guidance to challenge your body while respecting its limitations. While maintaining your breath, alignment and focus, our flowing yoga postures for strength, flexibility, and endurance can be tailored toward the experienced yogini or the ultimate beginner in all of our classes.

Call us today at 714-283-3411 for more information

Yoga Classes at the Pilates and Yoga Room - Anaheim Hills

Yoga Classes at the Pilates and Yoga Room - Anaheim Hills

"Since I started yoga at the yoga room it has changed my life. It has challenged my awareness in both body and mind. I have noticed I am stronger and much more flexible. My thoughts are clearer and I am able to handle stress a little better. It’s the breathing…I love yoga.” - Leticia

"Yoga is more than exercise to me, it’s what I use to keep myself up and running. Yoga has given me flexibility I haven’t had since I was a kid. It’s made me stronger and helps me keep my weight down. But more important, yoga has made me appreciate my body’s capacity for strength and endurance." - Sue

Yoga Classes at the Pilates and Yoga Room - Anaheim Hills

Yoga Classes at the Pilates and Yoga Room - Anaheim Hills
"I was stressed out, overworked, overweight, with high blood pressure, insomnia, hot flashes, and anxiety. I could not rest, sleep, swallow and at times felt like I could not breathe. The teachers have been considerate of my condition. I can only say that the classes are a sensation of a massage and workout for an ultimate release of stress.  I decided right then and there that I would never in my life be without yoga. " - Laura


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Please call us at 714-283-3411 or Click Here to request a free consultation with our program advisors.
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