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The Pilates and Yoga Room

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Pilates at the Yoga & Pilates Room

Specializing in Private & Group Pilates Reformer Classes, our extensive schedule and amazing Instructors makes our studio one of the most desirable in the area! Exercises performed on the Reformer (apparatus used in our classes) are the lowest impact on your joints, yet is efficient, effective and proves to yield great results for all our clients. All of our group classes are based on the fundamentals of Pilates (postural alignment, breathing, flexibility, controlled movement, precision, and a strong core), but they also emphasize endurance, cardio, strength training, and body sculpting to achieve muscle definition and peak physical fitness. Recent prior experience or a minimum of 3 Introductory Private Sessions are required before joining our Group Reformer classes, call today for details!

Call us today at 714-283-3411 for more information

Pilates Reformer Classes

“I have worked out for years and since Private Fitness has launched their Pilates program, Pilates has been the perfect compliment to the Personal Training and Yoga that I was already doing. It has helped strengthen my back, yet has been a challenging full body workout!” - Karen

Pilates Reformer Classes

Pilates and Yoga Room

“I have done all kinds of exercise – in 2 ½ months working on the Pilates Reformer has improved my body faster than anything else. I love it!” - Daurie


“After doing Pilates for only 3 weeks, I can already see a difference in my body. Looking forward to continuing.” - Lisa

“The Pilates Reformer was intimidating at first, but after realizing that the machine works with your body not against it, it was actually fun and targeted muscles that I never knew I had!” - Rosie


“Pilates is the perfect balance between strengthening and stretching. It actually feels good on your, plus gets you great results!” - Julie

Pilates Reformer Class


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Please call us at 714-283-3411 or Click Here to request a free consultation with our program advisors.
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